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Paul and Deb Nichols - The Power Of Two

Paul and Deb Nichols

The Power Of Two

They've accomplished this consistent success by applying some key ideals to their everyday work. To start with, there's this simple adage: 'Twice as nice can be three times as effective'. If you could capture the 'secret' of their success with one simple statement it is this - nice guys do finish first. First-time clients are sometimes surprised their hopes and dreams are met with such genuine warmth and understanding by Paul and Deb. Long-standing clients know it's just how they operate. The two have a natural enthusiasm for delivering service with a warm, engaging professionalism. Then there's this: hard work is not its own reward. All the affability and effort in the world doesn't count for much if it's not backed by the type of results that make people sit up and notice.The single-minded focus they bring to each project is considerable... and it needs to be. Within the often-complex course of real estate transactions the small details cannot be allowed to obscure the 'big picture'. They'll work hard - but they'll work intelligently too, using every tool at their disposal to ensure the best result. This mindset has served them well in their sporting endeavours too, thanks to the energy equation. ‘You get out what you put in’ is never more appropriate than for Paul and Deb’s efforts in both sport and real estate. Their boundless energy and determination have delivered great personal success in the Coast to Coast, in mountain biking and many other endurance events. Balancing their careers with their sporting, social and family commitments is so important. They look beyond the work to make the most of life. Which may mean spending quality time with their daughters, enjoying the company of good friends or just kicking back in the garden at home. Maintaining this equilibrium simply ensures they are never jaded or unwilling to go the extra mile. With these approaches and attributes Paul and Deb deliver the very best in personable, effective real estate service. Their 47 years of combined industry experience, consistent appearance in the Harcourts Canterbury Top 20 and ability to go above and beyond is uniquely enhanced by a warm, vibrant and ultimately genuine team effort.

"We love what we do and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you"
Paul & Deb